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Wisconsin ZIP Code List

This is the list of ZIP Codes in Wisconsin. The zip code 5, state, county, and city are displayed in the list. You can click the title to browse the detailed information.

Wisconsin has a total number of 1,158,770 ZIP Codes, and the first two digits range from 53-54. Not all the five-digit numbers in the range are assigned as ZIP Codes, in other words, there is some number that is not assigned.

StateCountyCityZIP Code
WISheboygan CountyADELL53001
WIDodge CountyALLENTON53002
WIDodge CountyASHIPPUN53003
WIOzaukee CountyBELGIUM53004
WIWaukesha CountyBROOKFIELD53005
WIDodge CountyBROWNSVILLE53006
WIWaukesha CountyBUTLER53007
WIWaukesha CountyBROOKFIELD53008
WIFond du Lac CountyCASCADE53011
WIOzaukee CountyCEDARBURG53012
WIOzaukee CountyCEDAR GROVE53013
WICalumet CountyCHILTON53014
WIManitowoc CountyCLEVELAND53015
WIDodge CountyCLYMAN53016
WIWashington CountyCOLGATE53017
WIWaukesha CountyDELAFIELD53018
WIFond du Lac CountyEDEN53019
WICalumet CountyELKHART LAKE53020
WIOzaukee CountyFREDONIA53021
WIWashington CountyGERMANTOWN53022
WIFond du Lac CountyGLENBEULAH53023
WIOzaukee CountyGRAFTON53024
WISheboygan CountyGREENBUSH53026
WIDodge CountyHARTFORD53027
WIWashington CountyHARTLAND53029
WISheboygan CountyHINGHAM53031
WIDodge CountyHORICON53032
WIWashington CountyHUBERTUS53033
WIDodge CountyHUSTISFORD53034
WIDodge CountyIRON RIDGE53035
WIDodge CountyIXONIA53036
WIWashington CountyJACKSON53037
WIJefferson CountyJOHNSON CREEK53038
WIDodge CountyJUNEAU53039
WIFond du Lac CountyKEWASKUM53040
WICalumet CountyKIEL53042
WISheboygan CountyKOHLER53044
WIWaukesha CountyBROOKFIELD53045
WIWaukesha CountyLANNON53046
WIDodge CountyLEBANON53047
WIDodge CountyLOMIRA53048
WICalumet CountyMALONE53049
WIDodge CountyMAYVILLE53050
WIWaukesha CountyMENOMONEE FALLS53051
WIWaukesha CountyMENOMONEE FALLS53052
WIWaukesha CountyMERTON53056
WIFond du Lac CountyMOUNT CALVARY53057
WIWaukesha CountyNASHOTAH53058
WIDodge CountyNEOSHO53059
WIWashington CountyNEWBURG53060
WICalumet CountyNEW HOLSTEIN53061
WICalumet CountyNEW HOLSTEIN53062
WIManitowoc CountyNEWTON53063
WIWaukesha CountyNORTH LAKE53064
WIDodge CountyOAKFIELD53065
WIDodge CountyOCONOMOWOC53066
WIWaukesha CountyOKAUCHEE53069
WISheboygan CountyOOSTBURG53070
WIWaukesha CountyBROOKFIELD53072
WISheboygan CountyPLYMOUTH53073
WIOzaukee CountyPORT WASHINGTON53074
WIOzaukee CountyRANDOM LAKE53075
WIWashington CountyRICHFIELD53076
WIDodge CountyRUBICON53078
WICalumet CountySAINT CLOUD53079
WIOzaukee CountySAUKVILLE53080
WISheboygan CountySHEBOYGAN53081
WISheboygan CountySHEBOYGAN53082
WISheboygan CountySHEBOYGAN53083
WISheboygan CountySHEBOYGAN FALLS53085
WIWashington CountySLINGER53086
WICalumet CountySTOCKBRIDGE53088
WIWaukesha CountySUSSEX53089
WIOzaukee CountyWEST BEND53090
WIDodge CountyTHERESA53091
WIOzaukee CountyMEQUON53092
WISheboygan CountyWALDO53093
WIJefferson CountyJOHNSON CREEK53094
WIOzaukee CountyWEST BEND53095